Why So Serious?!

Why So Serious?

Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious? Why So Serious?

Four seasons of the year,

there would be one,

that leaves are leaving from trees to pursue wind,

snows are falling down,

but your favorite season happened to be summer.

hurry and hurry,

but you couldn’t even caught the tail of July.

365 days of a year,

there would be one,

that all you need is a relief from work,

to have a great time for yourself.

But you unfortunately have a stupid boss.

Trying and trying,

but you couldn’t get your ass out of The office.

24 hours of a day,

there might be one,

that you wish the world could shout up,

and being away from gossips and comments.

But all blames or advices drag you nuts.

Running and running,

But those noises still raping your ears and confusing your mind.

You feel: Time flies. Life is short. And you are lost.

But come on, why so serious?!

Hey buddy!

Get your pick coat! Wear your high heels! Take your sunglasses!

Let’s sing and laugh loudly! And toast to the sky!

Go party and get high, even if you are by yourself!

Don’t worry! Be happy!


Clothing (click the items to purchase)

Dress: House of Holland Midi Dress in Cocktail Print ($176.24)

Coat: H&M Wool-Blend Coat ($149)

Harness: Zana Bayne Wendy Harness ($205)

Sunglasses: Quay Kitti Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($47.38)

Heels: Iron First Fiesta Skull Plat – Purple ($59.99)

Socks: OMG Crew Socks Forever 21 ($2.5)

Rings set: Charming Charlie

Earrings: 77th

Bracelets: Vintage smoking bracelet; Charming Charlie Silver


Sorry for the late updating, but I’ve been having my teeth problem last week. My face was swelling and I went to see dentist for the first time in America (without insurance). I was pretty nervous, but anyways I am back!

So I found this lovely cute little amusement park around my apartment. And it immediately became of my favorite place to hang out. The weather is getting freezing but it couldn’t stop me having a walk there just to relax myself and organize my thought. It is like a secret place of mine because there isn’t anyone hanging out there since the cold. This place just makes me really happy and feeling fresh and energetic all the time and I want to share this with you in my editorial.

As everyone knows that I am one of the most happy persons in the world. And I wish everyone is as happy as me. So I brought my happiness into colors and prints in my outfits for you. I love colors so much and I wouldn’t stop being colorful in any season of the year. I know fall and winter is more known for having more blacks and whites but come on let’s wear something fun for the week days and the weekends just to make yourself happier! Especially candy colors are right in the trend this year. I picked up the wool-blend coat from H&M and it is AMAZING. I was serious in love with the coat: cute color, cool shape and the right price! (It is only $149!) I then play with pattens mixing in this look. The dress from House of Holland has amazing prints, as what their collection known for—-fun and playful. I also chose heels and socks that have such kind of interesting designs to create this happy and chic look. Now, Let me tell you my trick for matching those prints together: THERE ARE NO RULES! JUST HAVE FUN WITH IT! I suggest you just go ahead pick up items with your favorite prints and just put them together, and never worry about they don’t go with each other! Because this is all about you! Remember I said “fashion is a statement of yourself?” But it is a good idea that you  select a item with solid color to go with prints, so that the look wouldn’t look too busy.

Hope you like this new editorial and have a great weekend!

Photo by David Meyers






























造型 (点击单品购买)

裙子: House of Holland Midi Dress in Cocktail Print ($176.24)

外套: H&M Wool-Blend Coat ($149)

马甲: Zana Bayne Wendy Harness ($205)

眼镜: Quay Kitti Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($47.38)

鞋子: Iron First Fiesta Skull Plat – Purple ($59.99)

袜子: OMG Crew Socks Forever 21 ($2.5)

戒指: Charming Charlie

耳环: 77th

手链: Vintage smoking bracelet; Charming Charlie Silver




就像所有人都知道,我是这个世界上最快乐的人之一。我希望所有人都能和我一样快乐。所以我把我的快乐融入色彩和图案中。我是如此的热爱色彩,没有任何一个季节可以减少我对色彩的热爱。我知道秋天和冬天,大家都偏爱黑白,但是come one,把色彩穿在身上吧这样你会更快乐!尤其今年糖果色大热。我选了这件H&M的大衣,简直是美爆了。我真心是爱上了这件大衣:可爱的颜色,有酷有型,最重要的是对的价格!(只要$149!)然后我开始玩起图案搭配的游戏。来自荷兰屋的裙子有着完美的图案,就像他们在时尚届知名的理由:有趣而玩味。我又选了有好玩图案的高跟鞋和袜子去创造这样一个有活力的快乐的同时时尚的look。现在让我告诉你图案搭配的技巧:就是根本没有技巧!去吧只要玩个够就是了!我建议你选出有你最爱的图案印花的单品,然后把他们搭配在一起,但是不要问他们搭配不搭配!因为这完全取决于你!记住我说过:“时尚是一种自我表达的形式?”。不过选择一件纯色的单品与印花搭配在一起总是好的,这样会保证你整个人看起来不会“太忙碌”。


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