The Fiery Silence


MOB MentalityThe Fiery SilenceMOB MentalityThe Fiery Silence The Fiery SilenceThe Fiery SilencePhoto by Marcel Vocino; Makeup by Laura Moriarty; Hair by Rachel Hopkins


My silence provides a sense of mystery,


If I don’t tell you, you won’t know.

A mouth is not required

to speak out.

You need only

a voice within.

Chinese author Xu Lu

Once wrote

“To explode in silence, or to die in.”

I may be silent,

But I will not be silenced.

I speak not with words,

But with clothing.

Through my art

You will see my fiery passion burn,

And grow.


When I first heard about MOB Mentality Clothing, I had the same question in my mind that you may have. “What is MOB Mentality?”. I got the answer from the about page on their website. MOB stands for “My Own Boss”. After talking with their founders, a group of young and creative boys living in Brooklyn, I got a deeper understanding of it. I was really impressed by what they said “In our individual struggles we find sameness; in sameness we find unity,and with unity we thrive, together, as one. Through our entrepreneurial view on the world, the world become ours.” There are souls in their collections.

It was also such honor for me to work with my new team: photographer Marcel Vocino from DAG Agency; makeup artist Laura Moriarty and hair stylist Rachel Hopkins. Many thanks to them, my talented, creative and brilliant friends.



Look 1: T-shirt from MOB Mentality Clothing; Vintage Necklace; ALDO Earrings

Look 2: T-shirt from MOB Mentality Clothing; Zara Leather Jacket; Topshop Necklace; H&M Earrings;


我不说,你不懂, 沉默是一种神秘的气质。


鲁迅沉默,笔是它的枪杆子, 写下不在沉默中爆发就在沉默中死亡的经典名句。

而我沉默,服饰是我的武器, 不做沉默羔羊,不逆来顺受。




当我第一次听说MOB主义服饰的时候,我心里有着你可能也会有的疑问。“什么是MOB主义?”我在他们的主义上得到了答案。MOB代表着My Own Boss。通过这个品牌的创建者,一群在布鲁克林居住的年轻男孩,我对MOB有了更深的理解。我为他们对这个品牌的诠释感到非常震撼:“我们是一群挣扎着去找共同点的人,在共同里面去我们寻求不同,而这些独特之处又把我们结合在一期,成为一个团体,通过我们这个团体的眼光看世界,这个世界便成为我们的世界。”他们的设计,是具有灵魂的 。

同时,我感到非常荣幸和我的新团队工作:来自DAG Agency的摄影师Marcel Vocino,化妆师Laura Moriarty和发型师Rachel Hopkins。我对他们,我亲爱的朋友表示无比的感谢。


造型1: MOB Mentality Clothing T-shirt; Vintage 项链; ALDO 耳环

造型2: MOB Mentality Clothing T-shirt; Zara 皮夹克; Topshop 项链; H&M 耳环


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