The Night in Chinatown


A Night in Chinatown, Myself and 16 billion other people celebrated a very special. We watched the fireworks, as pretty as flowers, dance across the night sky. I saw smiles on faces, and people were more happy than normal. I saw wishes being made and I saw wishes come true. The night was unforgettable, and […]

I Love You, New York!


I travelled, Half of the earth, To come to you. I love you. And thanks for also loving me. You love makes me find my dream, You love makes me believe everyday is a new begin. Salute. To my love, New York City. Inspiration Hi darlings, how are you? Sorry for the delay of new post . […]

Why So Serious?!

Why So Serious?

Four seasons of the year, there would be one, that leaves are leaving from trees to pursue wind, snows are falling down, but your favorite season happened to be summer. hurry and hurry, but you couldn’t even caught the tail of July. 365 days of a year, there would be one, that all you need is […]

Flying Like A Balloon


Photo by David Meyers Story I wish that one day I could fly like a balloon, and travel all over the world. No suitcases and backpack, no laptop and cellphone. Just flying like a balloon. Flying across the vest Pacific Ocean, and greeting to leaping dolphins. Flying through the starry sky, and catching shooting stars. Flying over the […]