Style Tips for A Rushed Morning

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A typical beginning of my day: First, waking up late. I’ve always had troubles to wake up in the morning since I was a little child. Then my schedule shows that I have a meeting on the other side of the town in an hour and when I realized it, I jumped out of my bed immediately. Yet I won’t be too stressed in this situation. Over those years living in New York City I’ve learned how to finish my makeup and dress myself quickly and leave in 15-20 minutes.

As most of New Yorkers, I walk a lot. Especially when it comes to days that I have probably five meetings in different locations in the city, comfort will be the key in my daily outfit.
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Here are my style tips for a rushed morning, and they guarentee the comfort and style in the same time:

1. Go with a two-pieces set so you won’t spend hours and make a mess in my closet to figure how to match the tops with bottoms. If you don’t have any matching sets in your closet, you might make your own set  from what you have  in your free time and place them together so they are handy when you are running out of time.

2. Grab a backpack for a whole day running around the city, making sure you have everything you need for the day: probably your phone charger, iPad, a small makeup bag etc…

3. Wedge sneakers are just perfect! It would definitely give your look a great plus! They are just chic by their nature. And unlike regular heels, they are easy to wear even if you walk a lot.

4. No time to fix your hair? Right, just wear a hat! But this isn’t the right attitude yet. Hats are accessories like sunglasses that could draw a lot of attentions for your outfit. The key is that you need to have at least some choices of hat with different styles so when you are in a hurry. Pick the one that goes with your outfit because you don’t want to tell everyone you are wearing hat for your bad hair.

Top and Bottom from Songjia Williams
Backpack from DeOndra Morri
Sneakers from Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Purple Leather Hat from Layana Aguilar
Earrings: Lydell NYC


Photo by Cameron Gentry; Makeup by Wataru

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