Oh! That’s Sick!

Fashion Editorial Mistletoe by Amy Cowley & YANYANISTA
Fashion Editorial Mistletoe by Amy Cowley & YANYANISTA

Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick! Oh! That's Sick!

Photo & Makeup by: Amy Cowley


     At this special moment of the year, all members of YANYANISTA studio giving you the best wishes! 

     2014 was such a precious year for me and I couldn’t ask for more. If I look back all I want to say is:”Oh! That’s sick!” I spent my last New Year in beautiful Costa Rica with dear Jodi Jones and Adam Rodriguez. It was one of the best time in my life enjoying the great mother nature there. We had so much fun and me and Jodi who is one of the best fashion photographer in New York, started became best friend since then. It was also at that time I met Amy Cowley who helped me photographed this editorial. She became such an important friend for me who keep inspiring me in both arts and my life. In February 2014, I attended New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week representing RunwayChic Magazine. Taking over this difficult and stressful task of shooting all the shows helped me to grow as a stronger person. All the things happened and all those wonderful people around me made me finding out the passion of my life—- fashion. In May 2014, I went back to China and spent three months with my family after long time being away from home. With the encouraging of my families and friends, I decided to start my blog YANYANISTA, which was officially opened during 2014 Spring/Summer Fashion Week in New York. YANYANISTA have been receiving so much support from many of my friends and readers since it was born. And finally in October YANYANISTA Studio was found with six members: me (Creative Director), Xuening Huo (Studio Manager), Amy Cowley (Editor), Xuanlin Chen (Marketing Director), Mayuki Ishida (Beauty Editor) and Wendy Price (Copy Editor). They are such a fortune for me and I could not even tell how appreciated I feel having those talented people in my team.

     Now here is 2015! Although I love my 2014 but I can’t wait to see what 2015 is bringing to me and YANYANISTA. My goal for the new year is bring YANYANISTA to the next level: more and better editorial for my dear readers, better layout of the website, and better styling and writing. I will also keep learning and improving myself for all of you, especially for my dear YANYANISTA crew. 

     At last, thank you so much to everyone who has been giving so much love to YANYANISTA, or those who are new to here. Without your support everything would be a totally different story! May the New Year bring many good things and rich blessings to you and all those you love!



Uniqlo Hoodi

American Apparel Heels



    2014对我来说是非常宝贵的一年,甚至说我已经不能奢求更多了。当我回望过去的时候,我只想说:“噢!真是棒极了!”。 去年的这个时候,我和Jodi Jones还有Adam Rodriguez在美丽的哥斯达黎加过度过新年。那几乎是我人生中最美好的时刻,享受大自然母亲的美丽。我们玩的很开心,最重要的是我和Jodi,纽约最好的时尚摄影师之一成为了最要好的朋友。 也正是那个时候我遇见Amy Cowley, 她就是拍摄这个片子的摄影师。她从此成为我生命中很重要的朋友之一,因为她不仅在艺术创作,还有生活的方方面面都时刻给予我灵感。2014年的二月,我第一次代表RunwayChic 杂志参加纽约时装周。扛下拍摄所有时装秀这个艰巨的任务让我成为了更加坚强的人。所有身边发生的一切和我身边美好的人们帮助我找到我生命的挚爱--时尚。去年五月份,在离家很久之后,我回到中国与我的家人团聚,并且度过了我生命中最重要的三个月,因为在我母亲的鼓励之下,我决定建立我的博客YANYANISTA,九月份春夏的时候YANYANISTA正式在纽约开始。自从YANYANISTA建立之后,不断的得到身边的朋友,还有我的读者的支持和帮助。终于,在十月份,YANYANISTA工作室诞生了,主要有六个成员:我(艺术总监),霍雪宁(工作室主管),Amy Cowley (编辑),陈炫霖 (市场开发),Mayuki Ishida (美容总监) 和 Wendy Price (审稿)。他们是我人生的一大财富,我简直不能形容对于他们来到YANYANISTA工作室有多么感激。






American Apparel鞋子

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