When Ninja Meets Skater

When Ninja meets Skater

When Ninja meets Skater


When Ninja meets Skater


When Ninja meets Skater


When Ninja meets Skater


When Ninja meets Skater

Photo by Marcel Vocino; Makeup by Laura Moriarty; Hair by Rachel Hopkins; Talent Alexander Barna with Re:quest Models


One was from the ancient civilization of the East, the other from the advanced countries of the West.The two spend their entire lives traveling to meet each other.

She wears a mystery scarf, like the vulnerable warriors of her heritage. He carries a skateboard, a spirit as free as the wind.

Her heart was bulletproof, while his was full of passion.

Ice and fire.

Ting and yang.

Ninja and Skater.

How will their love story end?


Inspired by Chinese “Shanzai” culture, Brian Whateverer, who is the founder of Whatever21 brought a interesting idea to me: Isn’t our aesthetic a reflection of everything around us? So you will see the a combination of all kinds of different elements on his collection: “twist” logos, 80’s and 90’s club fashion, hip-hop style, Japanese Harajuku culture….

Alex was the first one to pop in my head when I saw Whatever21 collection. This long hair 90’s skate-boy from Re:quest Models, also a really good friend of mine became part of the story of “When Ninja Meets Skater” to interpret the concept of Whatever21. I wanted to shoot something seems almost “ridiculous”, as people might think “Wow, how would these go together”. And it became a story of love that travel though time and space, a story of two hardly related roles: Ninja and Skater.


Look 1: I wear jumpsuit from Samantha Black, heels from Dusto

Alex wears jacket and Pants from Whatever21

Look 2: I wear top from Samantha Black, Vintage jacket

Alex wears t-shirt from Whatever21


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