The Night in Chinatown


The Night in Chinatown The Night in Chinatown The Night in Chinatown The Night in Chinatown The Night in Chinatown The Night in Chinatown

A Night in Chinatown,
Myself and 16 billion other people celebrated a very special.
We watched the fireworks, as pretty as flowers, dance across the night sky.
I saw smiles on faces, and people were more happy than normal.
I saw wishes being made and I saw wishes come true.
The night was unforgettable, and here I am…far away from my home in China, but the distance didn’t seem so far that night. My heart is always with you.
Happy Chinese New Year.


“Hello!!! Welcome!!!” That was what Designer Layana Aguilar said to me when I came by her showroom. She was wearing something totally casual, but she has the biggest and prettiest smile in the whole world! She gave me a hug and said to me “So nice that I finally see you!” At that moment I just knew she is someone different and someone who I would never forget. I told everyone that she is one of my favorite designer. If you were me, you would had done the same. Happiness, passion, talent, and love…you will see all of those on her.

At the night we were shooting this editorial campaign, it was freezing! But I had the best crew: photographer Cameron Gentry from DNA and his assistant Lewis Carter from IMG, my makeup artist Laura Moriaty, hair stylist Rachel Hopkins, and my style assistant (and my baby brother) Sho Lily. Everyone was standing almost 4 hours outside in the cold to do a best work on this. But it turns out as a fantastic editorial and I would say the best that I’ve even done. So much appreciate for my crew.

At last, happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Photo by Cameron Gentry with DNA; Makeup by Laura Moriarty; Hair by Rachel Hopkins; Style Assistant: Sho Lily

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