Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House Mysteries behind The Abandoned House

Photo by David Meyers


Her spirit was with the wind,

as I crept deeper and deeper inside the old abandoned house,

it became more and more mysterious.

I listened,

seeking the mysteries behind the abandoned house.

the old, worn down walls and ripped wall paper…

everything in the house was telling the stories of their owner.


It was like a dream,

the fluid motion of the wind carried the sunshine,

glistening from the windows, a beautiful sunlight,

kissing my face, filling the dark rooms with bliss.

Her soul seemed to be at peace.



Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti



When I suggested David Meyers having a shoot together, he asked me what I was going for. “adventure”, I said. The solid navy with leather on my 3.1 Phillip Lim dress gave me the idea of “adventure”. We hit right together about this when I came up with the idea shooting in a abandoned house.

What made the shooting went even better was that Meyers knew the place! Since he was working for some of his film projects he used to go out and find lots of those abandon place for his shooting. So we drove down there by a farm where the abandoned house was located. We walked in. It was like a scene in a movie. The house was so old that everything was falling down. Some furnitures were still there, broken and dusty. The sign of the owner seemed to be there as we saw things such as an open old Bible and clothing on the ground…everything made this house so mysterious and attractive to me. I knew that we were gonna have a great shot when I just got there!

During the time we were shooting, an old man walked in. It was kind of embarrassed because we were afraid that this was the owner of the house and he would be mad because we didn’t ask for permission before we walked in. (It happens all the time that photographers get in trouble for shooting. There are freely minds and creative ideas but also rules need to be followed I guess.) And in fact it was the owner of the house! But luckily the gentleman was very nice to us and he allowed us to photographed. And it was because of him that we finally discovered the mysterious behind the house.

So there was an old lady. She owned the house years ago and she passed away. She gave the house to her neighbor John (the man we met). John and her were good friends. She had no other family. (she didn’t get married, so no husband and children). After John got the house he never changed anything and nor did he sell it. “I wanna keep the house like how it was, as she is still here”, John said.

I then felt into a deep deep thought. I was looking around and seeing this differently not only just for the art I was creating, but also love. The love of friendship.

Thank you John!


















裙子:3.1 Phillip Lim

靴子:Giuseppe Zanotti



当我向大卫(他的中文名字)提议一起拍摄的时候,他问我你想要拍什么。“冒险”,我说。纯色深蓝与皮革拼接的3.1 Phillip Lim裙子让我想到了这个主意,“冒险”。然后接着当我决定在一个遗弃的房子拍摄的时候,我们几乎是异口同声的表示好。








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