The Monkey King in The Banana Forest


The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana Forest The Monkey King in The Banana ForestStory

Let’t play a silly game here:

There is a monkey who made herself king in the banana forest.

A monkey, who made herself king, and she is in the banana forest.

The king in the banana forest, she is a monkey.

The monkey who made herself king belongs to the banana forest.

In the banana forest, a monkey made herself king. It wasn’t made by someone else, but herself.

A banana tree made herself king, oh no! It is a monkey who made herself a king.

Who made herself king? Banana tree? or a monkey?

Not all monkeys in the world can made themselves kings in the banana forest.

There wasn’t any king in the banana forest. Then a monkey made herself king. Does it counts?

The monkey who made herself king does not wanna be called queen in the banana forest.

In fact, the monkey in the banana forest is the king. But she made herself king, without others acception.

For the monkey king in the banana forest, my dear little friends, what else you can still come up with?!



Coat: STF

Jewelry: Vintage




I swear I didn’t thought I was a monkey when I was shooting this editorial. I was deeply in love with the coat from STF, so I decided to have a editorial wearing it, even though I’ve been shooting a lot with items from STF, I couldn’t stop myself for this time. To be honest, I was imaging myself as a tropical princess or so on set, as the coat was gold. I wanted to show the “royalty” feel for the editorial.

But sometimes you have to admit that what came out is not exactly the same as what you expected, and accepted it too! So when I start looking and working on the picture editing when I came home. OMG, guess what?! I didn’t look like a princess at all! Instead, I looked like a monkey! Don’t you think so? Hiding in the banana trees, weird hands movements…and the makeup for this look was a little stronger than what I usually do, again it was because of my thought to create the royalty, princess look. However, the makeup (especially I somehow messed it up a little on set) made me completely became a monkey. Hey don’t laugh my friend! I was seriously upset for a while! I was supposed to be the princess!

So I was like: “All right, you gotta accept who you are”. But maybe for the reason that I was born in monkey year in the Chinese calendar, I do love monkeys. When I realized I was a monkey since born anyways, I became happy again. Ok, since I couldn’t be the beautiful princess with all the glamours, I am going to be a monkey who called herself the king in the banana forest, even if “she” was the only one thought so. You probably would get confused why would I said “king” instead of “queen”, not because of I didn’t know this in English (sometimes my English is bad), but I do think a king sounds better than the queen on me. I also don’t know why, maybe I don’t like the word as much.

Now let’s talk a little about the outfit. Don’t you wanna have a coat like that? It perfectly shines you out with the gold, but then the little prints on the coat is giving you some friendly and cute elements. I am sure you will look good on lots of you, or some might turn out to be the monkey just like me, but a lovely one right? 🙂

















外套: 两三事

珠宝: Vintage





但是有时候你不得不承认结果并不是你想像中的样子,更糟糕的是你还得接受它。我拍完回家看照片的时候,你猜怎样?我居然完全没有像一个公主,反而更像一直猴子 。你不觉得吗?藏在香蕉树后面,奇怪的手部动作…还有就是妆容。这个look的妆容我化得比平时浓一点,当然,是为了表达那种皇家的高贵对不对。可是你说怎样,我不知道为什么在拍摄的时候我把妆弄的乱七八糟的,于是我整个就真的变成一只猴子了。别笑!人家真的是伤心了好一段时间呢!




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