Flying Like A Balloon


Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A Balloon Flying Like A BalloonPhoto by David Meyers


I wish that one day I could fly like a balloon,

and travel all over the world.

No suitcases and backpack,

no laptop and cellphone.

Just flying like a balloon.

Flying across the vest Pacific Ocean,

and greeting to leaping dolphins.

Flying through the starry sky,

and catching shooting stars.

Flying over the top of the highest mountain,

and seeing the most beautiful sunrise.

Flying pass African Savannah,

and making friends with the wildness.

All the way…flying…and flying like a balloon.

Clothing (Click items to purchase)

Sweater: Nasty Gal You’re Getting Warmer Sweater ($68)

Pants: Jacquard Cropped Suspender Harem Pants ($42.99)

Shoes: Stars-patterned Lace-up Wedge Shoes ($30.99)

Socks: Vintage

Earrings: Sanfu


I think somehow I just pictured myself tying with hundreds of balloons and flying, at the first time I saw myself wearing the outfits. It reminds of me lots of movie scenes that someone was flying with balloons. I also thought of one of my favorite animation Up, a story about the old balloon salesman Carl tying thousands of balloons to his house and going on a adventure to the South American Wildness. The idea of shooting this outfit with balloon in front of a big tree just came to my mind so naturally. It is from those magical balloon scenes as well as my love and passion for traveling, and my believe that life is a adventure for exploring.

The styling was basiclly about colors. (you know I love colors ) Nothing is more fun than playing color games on the outfits. I honestly don’t have the expert knowledge of which colors fit the best together. But I think certain colors always work perfect together, for instance this look was yellow with green, and my last editorial Why So Serious was about pink with purple. Again my attitude for styling is always—no rules, just have fun with it. But whenever I read a new post from a fashion blogger or new a editorial from magazines like Vogue, I would always subconsciously learn and get inspired of how they matching the colors together. Of course, always keep learning right?

I really love the outfits from this look myself and I am so happy I got them! Not only because the colors are wonderful, but also they are really comfortable to wear. The oversize sweater from Nasty Gal was my favorite. It is so cute and it is also warm. I mostly like to wear sweaters oversized so I got the S instead of XS. At last I think the most important part is nothing from this look is more than $100 dollars!












服饰 (点击单品购买)

毛衣: Nasty Gal You’re Getting Warmer Sweater ($68)

背带裤: Jacquard Cropped Suspender Harem Pants ($42.99)

鞋子: Stars-patterned Lace-up Wedge Shoes ($30.99)

袜子: Vintage

耳饰: 三福





我个人非常喜欢这个造型里面的每一个单品。不单单是因为这些完美的颜色,而且因为穿在身上非常的舒服。来自Nasty Gal的大毛衣是我的最爱,好可爱又又暖和。我穿毛衣的时候一般的喜欢穿大大的那种所以我买了小号而不是加小号。最重要的是,在这个look里面没有一个样单品是超过$100!

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