Countdown…10 Days Till Nashville!

Nashville or Bust

Hey, can we hitch a ride with you to Nashville? 

I woke up today and saw a reminder on my phone: COUNTDOWN: 10 DAYS TO OUR NASHVILLE MASTER CLASS!!! Wow! I am so excited for this journey! “Nashville or Bust!” We are like two kids going to Dollywood!  Super excited about our road trip adventure!! I am a fashion stylist based in New York City and I love New York, but always thought of Nashville as one of those super cool places that I just really needed to got explore.  To me, Nashville is such a magical and storied city, with sweet southern charm and real deep musical roots with such a multitude of creative inspirations!

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It’s no wonder Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Dottie West, Toby Keith, Kings of Leon, and SO many more artists have their roots from Nashville. I look forward to this exciting trip to Nashville, and seeing many of my cool friends that live there, like our talented and beautiful model Esseri, whom we will be photographing on our Master Class that we are teaching while there. I can just picture myself and Fashion Photographer Jodi Jones sitting in an amazing venue, enjoying the great music, and feeling the warmth in the atmosphere. Nashville simply oozes character, and one can only imagine the creative inspiration from shooting there. It would be fun to host a party, invite our students and all our cool musician friends like Taylor Swift, right?!  I was already coming up with ideas like “We should have a road trip driving down there from NYC”. We started to talk about creative photoshoots we could do on the road-trip, how I was going to dress the model, and what kind of great places we would like to visit. When music, fashion and art come together, we know something beautiful will be created!

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Nashville reminds us of friendly people, killer country & blues music, celebrities, Jack Daniels, bbqs, and tour buses.  That is why our excitement has developed into showing you this photoshoot of us “road-tripping” to Nashville. Not ones to miss out on the silliness of road trips we take full advantage of very opportunity to “ham it up” on the way!

DSC6812retWEB-1024x683@jodijonesstudio   @yanyanista

I want thank Phase OneProfotoCapture Integration, and West Light Studios for this incredible opportunity to have my next photography Master Class there in Nashville in 10 days! I am grateful that I can travel to places I love, share my knowledge, skills, experience, and inspire other creative minds such as you, with my best friend and creative partner: the super talented, award winning fashion photographer Jodi Jones.

For more details on our super awesome Nashville Master Classplease go here:


@jodijonesstudio   @yanyanista

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