Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution Caution

Photo by David Goguen

It’s a rainy Saturday. I love raining sometimes, but not raining in a cold winter day like this. So I thought it would be nice to post something a little more entertaining for my dear readers. I was a monkey in the other editorial “The Monkey King in the Banana Forest“but I decided to be a cat today.  (Who says monkey can’t be a cat?!) And I am a very weird, dangerous cat…

“Caution!!Don’t mess with me! It’s cold outside already and I get angry easily!”

Haha it is funny right? Please laugh! 

No matter who you are reading my blog now, I want you to be happy. If you are happy already, be happier!

And here is what I wore, click to check out or shop if  you like. Thanks and have a great weekend darlings!

Sweater: Frontrowshop Fuzzy maxi dress ($78.85)

Shoes: T.U.K. Creeper Platforms in Black Smiley ($77.00)y


Hat: ASOS Fur Hat (shop similar)

Clutch: T & J Mint Lucite Bejeweled Clutch ($68)

这是一个下雨的星期六。也许我有时喜欢下雨,但是不是又下雨又冷的冬天。所以我想我应该给我的读者一些小娱乐。我之前在香蕉树与美猴王的那个片子里是一只猴子,但是这一次我是一只猫。 (谁说猴子不能变成猫?)而且我是一只非常奇怪而危险的猫…

“小心! 别惹我,外面已经这么冷了而且我脾气很坏!”




毛衣: Frontrowshop Fuzzy maxi dress ($78.85)

鞋子: T.U.K. Creeper Platforms in Black Smiley ($77.00)y


帽子: ASOS Fur Hat (购买类似)

包包: T & J Mint Lucite Bejeweled Clutch ($68)

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