Come A Little Closer


Photo by Fabricio Morales Story Can’t you smell the sexiness in the air, the stimulation of your racing hormones? Can’t you see the hottest body on the tennis court,   appealing to your imagination? Are you going to stand still? Don’t you want to come a little closer and feel? Come down to the tennis court to […]

Flying Like A Balloon


Photo by David Meyers Story I wish that one day I could fly like a balloon, and travel all over the world. No suitcases and backpack, no laptop and cellphone. Just flying like a balloon. Flying across the vest Pacific Ocean, and greeting to leaping dolphins. Flying through the starry sky, and catching shooting stars. Flying over the […]

The Fiery Silence


Photo by Marcel Vocino; Makeup by Laura Moriarty; Hair by Rachel Hopkins Story My silence provides a sense of mystery, So, If I don’t tell you, you won’t know. A mouth is not required to speak out. You need only a voice within. Chinese author Xu Lu Once wrote “To explode in silence, or to die in.” I may be silent, […]

Oh! That’s Sick!

Fashion Editorial Mistletoe by Amy Cowley & YANYANISTA

Photo & Makeup by: Amy Cowley      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! WELCOME TO 2015!      At this special moment of the year, all members of YANYANISTA studio giving you the best wishes!       2014 was such a precious year for me and I couldn’t ask for more. If I look back all I […]