Alexander Wang x H&M
     When I learned that Alexander Wang was collaborating with H&M, I was eager to see what would become of it. Although H&M has launched a few designer lines in the past, such as Versace, Wang is a definite hit with the cool kids.
     After much anticipation, his new collection has finally been unveiled. It conveys an image of boldness and intensity through its tightly-cropped, edgy performance wear that utilizes the versatility of scuba material. We were presented with performance leggings, shorts, jackets, and the like. There was no shortage of accessories as well – the series of gloves, shoes, beanies, socks and backpacks was a testament to the sport-centeredness of the collection. Although the style is very sporty and performance-based, its dauntless style allows for versatility. It can be worn in the gym, on the street, and go out for dancing! The WANG logo makes a statement as a centerpiece throughout the collection. Another statement in itself is the gray-scale color palette that provides a streamlined yet classic cohesiveness to the entire ensemble. And the best part? This masterpiece has been specifically designed with you in mind. The reasonable prices and striking visuals make Wang’s H&M collection a must-have for your Fall/Winter 2014 wardrobe.
     The collection is going to be ready for sale in store and online on November 14. I am so excited about it already!
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