"When I finally found the passion of my life—fashion, I started working as a fashion photographer in such a creative industry, in New York City. For me, it was exciting, impressive, and a significant life transition, almost like a newborn. I discovered what my dream is. I came to realize that fashion is an eternal but living art. It is an inspiration, an expression, and a belief. The start of YANYANISTA was meant to happen.

YANYANISTA is not only a blog to show what I wear everyday. It is not for someone only looking to buy the most expensive dresses. YANYANISTA is a place to explore. It is a place where I am the art director, stylist, and model. I plan every shoot from my aesthetic, as well as from the information and the knowledge I gain from the fashion industry.

The goal of YANYANISTA is to share and inspire."


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Yanyanista is a fashion stylist, high-end retoucher, model and social media strategist. Yanyanista specializes in fashion styling and retouching for clients such as Valentino, Pepsico and Mizuno. Her social media presence and fashion style blog YANYANISTA has gained her recognition and press among fashion insiders as an inspirational young fashion icon by Allure Magazine, buzzed.com, Fashion TV, Latina Magazine and more.

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